What is a mugshot and when can I get it?
Mugshot is a little artwork that goes on your subcard. It can be any artwork made by me, so if you have a favorite illustration that I made or if you ever won an artwork/commissioned one from me, we can add it to your subcard.
If you are a +7 months subscriber you can also redeem a custom b&w doodle with your channel points. Type !mugshot in chat for more info!

When will you make me a card?
You get your card if you resub on your own at least once. That means that I will make you your own subcard when you share your 2month resub in chat!

Do I get a subcard if my subscriptions were gifted?
Yes and no. Even if all of your subscriptions were gifted, you are still eligible to get your own subcard once you complete it. However, if you won’t subscribe on your own, I will not be updating your card live on stream!

I don’t want to share my address. Is there another way to get the subcard?
Yes! If you don’t want to share your address, I can just send you a photo of the subcard and a high-res file of a print of your choice (for personal use only)